Water & Sewer Repipes

Install new water lines & sewer lines under your home with PEX pipe for water & PVC for your sewer.

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Re-piping the water or drain lines in your home is often necessary due to a variety of conditions. If you have had multiple leaks from water or drain lines in the last year, repiping is an option you need to consider. Is your home 20 years old or older? Most people don’t realize copper piping in a home has about a 20 year life span, even under the best conditions. Cast iron drains are about the same.

Copper Piping

Copper piping has been the industry standard in plumbing for many years. It was used almost exclusively for many years to replace old galvanized lines. However, over many years use, copper piping does thin down due to the friction of water running through the lines. Minerals in hard water can cause copper to worsen even faster. Unfortunately, many areas of the country have hard water problems.

Copper can become so thin it can be broken very easily, sometimes just by accidentally bumping it with a wrench or tool. If you have problems with your copper water lines springing leaks, it is because the copper is getting very thin in spots. It is only going to get worse, and rather quickly. It is time to re-pipe those lines.

Cast Iron Drains

Cast iron drains are also subject to thinning out in the bottom due to water friction, over many years usage. Cast Iron drains are put together with a rope type product called Oakum and melted lead. Over time the oakum rots and the lead expands and contracts with temperature changes.

This creates leaks at the joints. The bottom of the pipe simply rots out or rusts through over time. If you have several leaking joints or rotten spots in your drains, they are all equally damaged and the entire drain system needs replacement.

So, if your home is 20 years old or older, you should change and replace those old, worn out drain and water lines before they break and cause major home damage. Call Delta 1 Plumbing today for a free estimate and get those old lines and drains replaced, before you have major home damage.

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