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6179899Roy M. Cryer is a master plumber at Delta 1 Plumbing, holding the master license M-7529. Mr. Cryer received his plumbing license at an early age. Since 1960 Mr. Cryer has encouraged others to enter the field and he has provided mentoring, training and guidance to hundreds of plumbers.

Roy is dedicated to service and excellence. He firmly believes all customers should receive the highest level of service available. Every Monday Mr. Cryer shows his commitment to on-going education as he conducts training sessions with his entire staff. In each meeting they focus on service, quality, and learn new techniques to stay in compliance with new industry standards.

Delta 1 Plumbing strives to maintain the utmost in professionalism and courteous service. We understand the importance of being a craftsman. We work hard to maintain a level work that our customers are very satisfied with. Delta 1 Plumbing stays in contact with our customers on a daily basis, while work is being done in their homes. Our staff is very qualified and are ready to serve your plumbing needs in your home or office.


“Dedicated to my mentor, Mr. Billy Gerald Smith… One of the true craftsmen of the trade.”

Roy M. Cryer continues to improve workmanship, industry techniques, and industry standards. Dr. Cryer makes it a priority in taking care of the customers home first. Roy M. Cryer is the owner of Delta 1 Plumbing has over 45 years of residential and commercial experience. Our master plumber strives to provide quality workmanship and customer service that far exceeds industry standards. Slab leaks are a specialty at Delta 1 Plumbing. Mr. Cryer first began slab leak repairs in the 1960′s and developed and perfected techniques now used throughout the plumbing industry. With high tech locating equipment and the proven experience of Roy M. Cryer, slab leaks are guaranteed by Delta 1 Plumbing.



Billy Gerald Smith was Roy’s mentor starting at the age of 16. Roy worked evenings after school and weekends under his mentor until he was 19 years old. Roy went into business for himself and has mentored hundreds of plumbers throughout his career. Through the years other plumbers have hired Mr. Cryer as a consultant to train their technicians and establish customer service standards.


Roy M. Cryer has two sons Beaudy and Ryan. He enjoys spending time with them fishing, hunting and restoring old cars and trucks. Roy sponsors many charities, little league teams and fundraisers around the community.



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